GC/BC 10 and above for the construction of 30 pastoralist area primary schools,Oromia

Published: Tuesday, 28 October 2014 Written by The Ethiopian Herald Tuesday 28 October 2014 Page 07

Oromia Education Bureau invites eligible contractors of GC/BC 10 and above for the construction of 30 pastoralist area primary schools in 6 Administrative Zones of the Region as described below


1.Guji Zone,


Liban Wereda, Hadesa Kebele, Kate Ware School

Liban Wereda, Alge Kebele, Alge Karsa School

Wadara Wereda, Darba Hida Dima Kebele, Bokola School

Goro Dola Wereda, Bokola Kebele Lu\'o School

Girja Wereda, Lalaba Kebele, Lalaba School

Saba Wereda, Darme Kebele, Diga School


2. Bale Zone


Laga Hida Wereda, Elelu Kebele, Elelu School

Rayitu Wereda, Dadacha Bala Kebele, Gode School

Dawe Sarar Wereda, Denduba Kebele, Denduba School

Dawe Kachan Wereda, Oda Didibisa Kebele, Oda Didibisa School

Gurandamole Wereda, Jibo Awaye Kebele, Jibo Awaye School

Mada Walabu Wereda, Oda Kebele, Dike School





3. Borena Zone


 Malka Soda Wereda, Halo Madeda Kebele, Halo Madeda School

Dilloo Wereda, Dilo Badiya Kebele, Dilo Badiya School

Taltale Wereda, Wando Kebele, Wando School

Das Wereda, Irdar Korma Ilu Kebele, Irdar Korma Ilu School

Dirree Wereda, Soda Kebele, Soad School

Ya\'a Balo Wereda,Bildim Keble, Bildim School

Dugda Dawa Wereda, Boko Goro Bali Kebele, Boko Goro Bali School


4. West Hararge Zone 


Hawi Gudina Wereda, Wacu Kebele, Safara School

Hawi Gudina Wereda, Walenso Kebele, Walenso School

Burqaa Dintu Wereda, Burqa Wabe Kebele, Haro Dimtu School

Burqa Dintu Wereda, Kurfa Oda Kebele, Bilqa School

Mieso Wereda, sodoma Kebele, Mata Lenca School



5. East Harerge Zone


 Kumbi Wereda, Burqa Nagaya Kebele, Haroo Heexoo School

Mayu Wereda, Burqaa Jinata Kebele, Gola Surree School

Midega Tola Wereda, Biyo Waraba Kebele, Burqaa School

Cinaksan Wereda, Dawe Kora Kebele, Hamesa School

Gola Oda Wereda, Gara Gafa Kebele, Bireti School



6. East Shoa Zone


Fantale Wereda, Ledi Kebele, Ledi School, 


Submission : to the respective Zonal education office on or before 2:00pm of November 21, 2014 G.C 


This announcement is published on : The Ethiopian Herald Tuesday  28 October  2014 Page 07




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